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With the many changes in the Mortgage Industry it has become more and more difficult to find a Correspondent Investor who is well versed in their products, buys loans that many others do not, and is able to purchase your quality loans in

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a reasonable amount of time. A large number of the institutional Correspondent Investors have left the marketplace and more are expected to exit in coming years. The remaining institutional Investors don’t provide the service level you need, tying up your critical funds which costs you money and can prevent you from reaching your market potential. Today there is a solution, AllQuest Home Mortgage Corporation.

AllQuest has its roots in Mortgage Banking and has specialized in Government loans for many years. With the ability to securitize and sell its loans through Ginnie Mae Pools, AllQuest is able to buy Government Loans without all of the extra overlays usually required by institutional Investors. And, in many cases those Investors won’t even purchase some of the loan that AllQuest will buy including FHA loans with FICO’s down to 620 without excessive overlays. This means more loan choices for you and your customers.

Try us out, we think you will agree that Investors like AllQuest Home Mortgage Corporation will give you the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to let you expand your market and provide the cash efficiency that your company needs to be AHEAD of the competitive marketplace.

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